Services we offer

Our Dog Salon

Wash, Dry & Brush


If your dog does not require any specific styling and just needs to be wash and dried and brushed through.


Full Grooming Service

FULL GROOMING SERVICE – Price depends on size of dog and length of coat. 

If your dog is a breed that requires styling according to breed standards, Debbie can offer the full grooming service.

This includes body clipping as required by the owner (mid cut, fine cut, ultra fine cut). Shortening and shaping long leg hair and feet. Trimming the face and ears. Ear care, such as cleaning and plucking ear hair if needed. Trimming and shaping the tail and cutting nails if needed. A final brush through get a beautiful flat glossy coat that smells fresh and clean.

Price Guide

  • Toy dogs – 20 Euros (Yorkshire Terrior. Miniature dachshunds – Chiahuahua’s)
  • Mid size dogs – 25 Euros (Lhasa Apso, Shihtzu, Bichon Frisse, Westie, Terriors, Miniature Poodles and Schnauzers, Cocker spaniels And Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
  • Large Dogs (short hair) – 30 Euros (Springer Spaniels, Border Collies, Labradors)
  • Larger Dogs (long hair) – 40 Euros (Golden Retreiver, Standard Poodle, Labradoodle, Rough Collie, Husky)

These are guide prices. If the dog is in poor condition and has badly matted hair and requires more time to groom, Debbie reserves the right to increase the charge based on the time it takes to complete the dog. But this is a rare occurance.

Nail Cutting

NAIL CUTTING – This service is included in the full grooming service. So there is no additional charge.

Debbie will always, check the nails and cut them if required. This includes the front and/or back dew claws. Nail cutting is based on the following safety criteria.

If the nails are overlong, pointed and touching the ground. Debbie will cut the nails

If the nails are not touching the ground and not overlong or pointed – they do not need to be cut. Or nails where the quick is very close to the end of the nail and cutting the nail would cause bleeding – Debbie will not cut the nails.

But I discuss this with every client as every dog is different.

Dog Reiki

DOG REIKI – 15 Euro’s

Debbie is a fully qualified Reiki Master/Teacher for animals as well as humans and has used her Reiki skills to help many dogs suffering from stress or anxiety or from illness. Dog’s are very sensitive and receptive to Reiki and benefit from it in many ways.

Reiki is Japanese word for Universal Life Energy. It is a holistic healing system which treats the whole being, addressing problems at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

Reiki is not about diagnosis or a substitute for traditional treatment. It is there to enhance and support.

A Reiki session with a dog lasts approximtely 30 minutes, (depending on how receptive the dog is). Some dogs take up the healing energy quicker than other’s. Other dogs bask in the energy flow and want to receive more. But they will indicate when they have received the right amount of Universal Life Energy that they need.

Debbie is happy to discuss Reiki in detail with owners who think their dogs will benefit from Reiki.


What Our Clients are Saying

“Relaxed and clean environment for your pet dog to indulge in some love and attention whilst being given a 5* treatment in washing, brushing to name just a few services on offer.

I had my Belgian Malinois washed and fully groomed and my very matted and dirt ingrained Huskey washed clean and thoroughly brushed through. Thank you Deb

Patricia Sainsbury – April 2019

George Dyer Tamarashvili recoomends Deb-Beuaty Dog Grooming.  “A dog lover and beautiful results.  My dog was so happy after the grooming … excellent job … thank you so much Debbie … Baloo is so pleased and looking forward to seeing you again soon”

Antonis Limnaios reccommends Deb-Beauty Dog Grooming. “So happy…Debbie she did an amazing job on my dog Joy…..very professional…in a clean friendly environment. If you love your pets you will take them to Deb-Beauty Dog Grooming

“Thanks a lot Debbie. Awesome job and you are always with a smile….top grooming….high reccommended” – Antonis Limnaios