Pet Tips


Having your dog groomed on a regular basis is every bit as important as regular checks by your Vet.

  • Dog’s need to be washed, thoroughly brushed through and trimmed back at regular intervals. To keep the dog clean and prevent their fur from matting.  And to keep them cool in a hot climate. Dog’s can suffer from skin conditions or from overgrown toe nails and ear problems.  All of which can be dealt with by a Professional dog groomer.

    Good Dog Groomer’s can also spot potential problems, such as suspicious lumps, or skin flare ups. Also flea allergies, conjunctivitis, ear infections and even arthritis or joint problems.

    In the last ten years and having groomed hundreds of dogs in that time, Debbie has also sadly found many cancerous lumps on dogs which owners were not aware of.  She has spotted urinary problems, diabetes and when a dog has had a stroke.  She has also told the owner’s when their new girl puppy has come into season, or in one case that their dog was probably pregnant! (and after a visit to the vet, it was confirmed that she was).

  • Groomers see dog’s on a regular basis and they get to know the dog well and handle it for anything up to 2 hours at a time. So the Groomer gets to know the dog intimately. Everything from their temperament, to their physiology. Whereas owner’s usually only take their dogs to a vet if there is a specific problem, that they know about.

But in all cases the groomer will always inform the owner, so they can take their dog to a vet for official diagnosis and treatment.

General Health Care
  • It is vital that all dogs are registered with a vet and has half-yearly health checks to look for early signs of serious ailments.

  • All dogs should be annually vaccinated to protect against diseases such as Distemper Virus, Canine Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza and Kennel Cough.

  • Monthly Parasite control is essential, especially in hot countries like Cyprus, to protect against:

    External Parasites: such as fleas, ticks, lice and mites. All of which cause dogs huge discomfort

    Internal Parasites: Worms and Protozoa, which inhabit the dog’s body tissue and can cause infestation and without treatment could kill the dog.

Dentistry & Oral Health

It is strongly recommended that you have your dog’s teeth cleaned every few years to prevent rotten teeth causing terrible problems such as bad breath, gum disease, multiple tooth extractions and a considerable amount of pain. Modern techniques such as Ultrasound descaling of tartar is quick, painless and very efficient.


What Our Clients are Saying

George Dyer Tamarashvili recoomends Deb-Beuaty Dog Grooming.  “A dog lover and beautiful results.  My dog was so happy after the grooming … excellent job … thank you so much Debbie … Baloo is so pleased and looking forward to seeing you again soon”

“Relaxed and clean environment for your pet dog to indulge in some love and attention whilst being given a 5* treatment in washing, brushing to name just a few services on offer.

I had my Belgian Malinois washed and fully groomed and my very matted and dirt ingrained Huskey washed clean and thoroughly brushed through. Thank you Deb

Patricia Sainsbury – April 2019

Antonis Limnaios reccommends Deb-Beauty Dog Grooming. “So happy…Debbie she did an amazing job on my dog Joy…..very professional…in a clean friendly environment. If you love your pets you will take them to Deb-Beauty Dog Grooming

“Thanks a lot Debbie. Awesome job and you are always with a smile….top grooming….high reccommended” – Antonis Limnaios